Lancelot Online Video Slots Game

Sir Lancelot is the most famous of all of Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table, said to be the greatest swordsman the kingdom had ever seen. He was renowned not only for his great courage and gallant nature, however, but also as a result of the doomed love affair he entered into with the great King Arthur’s beloved wife, Lady Guinevere. This romance would spell the end of Arthur’s kingdom, and see Lancelot retreating into solitude to live out the rest of his days as a hermit, with the queen entering the nunnery when their passionate involvement came to an end.

The Theme for Lancelot Slots

WMS is the developer for Lancelot online video slots, and they have taken the relationship this great knight had with Lady Guinevere as the theme. Both the two main characters are stacked symbols, and they will take up whole reels when they appear. An extra feature has them both behaving as wilds, and activating the feature rounds for the game. There are four symbols shown on each of the reels, instead of the more usual three.

Symbols for Lancelot Video Slots

WMS has delivered the goods as far as the visual aspect for Lancelot is concerned, with both the main character symbols being particularly striking. The hero is depicted in his gilded battle armour, with a sword drawn, ready to fight, and his paramour looks more modest than her behaviour tells us she was, clad in a plain green dress and wearing the golden jewellery befitting her royal status.

These two character symbols are the highest paying ones for the game, and should a player manage to land five in a row or winline of either 500 coins will be awarded. A combination of the two of them appearing five times in a row will award an extra 250 coins.

Should they appear on both of the first two reels the game’s feature will be activated, starting with the image of a sword emerging from a lake, King Arthur’s Excalibur, and a free spins round begins. Players will be awarded with five free rounds, unless scatter symbols appeared on more than just the first two reels, in which case more will be granted, and all wins incurred during this part of the game are doubled.

The two main character symbols are joined by others that fit in with the theme, and all of these will appear against a backdrop of grey stone. These icons include a shield; yellow roses; a crown; a helmet and Camelot itself. Merlin, arrayed in a purple cloak, appears as well, as does a battle-ready knight. A gentle tune plays as the reels spin, with it changing to a more rousing melody when a feature becomes active.

Game Set Up for Lancelot

Lancelot has five reels and 40 paylines, all of which are in play by default, although players are able to adjust this and select anything from one to 40. There are two different methods for setting the amount for spins, with a classic panel appearing which allows players to set the desired number of lines and the coin value they wish to make use of, and a quickbet panel which contains boxes presenting various total stakes for each spin. When one of these quickbet boxes is clicked the amount will be set.