The History of Keno

The game Keno has an incredibly rich and long history which is believed to be dating back 3000 years ago to the Han Dynasty in China. It is said that the ruler, Cheung Leung created the game as a type of lottery to raise funds for the war as he had depleted all the taxes.

Another story claims that the game was used once again to raise funds to build the Great Wall of China but whether there is any truth to these legends it is not known as China only began licencing lotteries in the 1800’s. Keno has been played in the past quite differently as 120 Chinese characters were used as opposed to the 80 that are used today.

In the early 1900’s Chinese sailors took the game to the shores of America were they began using numbers instead of the Chines symbols. At the time, the American government viewed the game as a lottery and since lotteries were illegal but gambling wasn’t, the game was disguised as a racing type of game and was referred to as Racehorse keno. After lotteries became legal many casinos changed the name back to its original form. The game was a huge hit in the west and many began enjoying it as it became further widespread.

The Enjoyment of Keno Online

With the dawn of the internet came online gambling where keno has become a popular game to play. Many more fans around the world have access to enjoy the game and with mobile technology players are able to enjoy this fun game on the go. There are free versions of the game that are available online that give you the opportunity to familiarise yourself better with how to play and allows practice rounds before you decide to play with any real money.

Start Playing Keno Games Online

The same rules apply to online keno as they do to playing in a land based casino. The aim of the game is to mark off any numbers between one and ten, however some casinos allow you to choose up to twenty numbers on your card. These numbers need to match up to as many as possible of the twenty numbers that are drawn. The numbers are drawn by the online device using software that has random number generators, this ensures the numbers are completely random and fair for all real online pokies players. The winning amount depends on how many numbers you picked, how many of the numbers picked match the drawn numbers and the amount that you wagered.

The Odds of Winning Keno

The odds of winning any keno game are based on the amount of numbers the player has chosen to bet on and how many of those numbers are hit when the draw takes place. The odds of choosing twenty winning numbers are not necessarily high and having twenty of the twenty drawn is incredible luck and happens by pure chance. You do have higher odds of picking about two to eight winning numbers though, so it is important to have a look at the pay table to see what the pay outs are for the numbers with higher odds.