Ireland to permit the opening of forty small casinos

Ireland to Permit Forty Small Casinos

Ireland’s Justice Minister, Alan Shatter, proposed a new law which will bring about change to the country’s gambling laws. The Gambling Control Bill which has been approved by Parliament will allow Ireland to permit the opening of forty small casinos and has established the Office of Gambling Control. This is an agency, within the Department of Justice, that will help to oversee and regulate the gambling industry. The casinos are only allowed to be located in certain areas and not near to any schools or public health care facilities. Selling of alcohol will be permitted only during the legal bar hours. Large scale land based casinos or super casinos are strictly prohibited as well as any fixed odds betting terminals.

The Gambling Laws of Ireland

According to the Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1956, casinos have been illegal in Ireland. Even though gambling itself has been a favourite past time of the Irish, player have had to take part in casino games via online platforms or at small private membership clubs. The small private membership clubs have utilized loopholes that they have found in the gambling laws of the country in order to offer gambling in land based venues. Membership into these private clubs requires residency and a legal age limit of over twenty one. This has hampered any possible tourist trade at the private clubs.  However since the bill for Ireland to permit the opening of forty small casinos has been passed the industry has been seeing a change.

The Aim of the Gambling Control Bill

In order for Ireland to permit the opening of forty small casinos successfully the Gambling Control Bill needs to successfully implement regulations for both the new and existing gambling industries. So the already legal online casinos have the opportunity to become licenced under the new laws. All sports betting, bingo, gambling, lotteries and gaming machines will be regulated but the Bill excludes any activity of the National lottery, the Irish Greyhound Board, Horse racing Ireland and Financial Spread betting. The aim of the Gambling Control Bill is to ensure vulnerable players and the young are protected from irresponsible gambling practices.

Requirements for the Forty Small Casinos

The Bill that allows Ireland to permit the opening of forty small casinos has imposed restrictions on all planned casino and casino resort developments on a large scale. The forty casinos are small and are only permitted to have no more than twenty five slot machines and only three to fifteen gaming tables in each venue. All of the forty land based casinos and Ireland’s online casinos will have to hold a licence in order to operate. Establishment of a Social Gambling fund will require the operators of the casinos to contribute a percentage of funds earned which will in turn help fund gambling addiction centres and educational services that teach responsible gambling. Potential operators who apply for licences will undergo a thorough background check to ensure they are of a reputable nature. For Ireland to permit the opening of forty small casinos all staff within the specific establishments will undergo special training and all of the primary staff members will have to obtain personal licences. There are forty different licences that are issued by the Office of Gambling Control which include permanent types, temporary, betting, gaming, personal and more.