Free lotto

Can You Really Play Free Lotto Online?

All gamblers love the idea of getting something for nothing; that is, after all, the essence of gambling. Lottery players are no exception, so the many online sites that pop up in any search for “free lotto” can be very enticing. But most punters are also realistic enough to understand that gambling entertainment has to be paid for, one way or another, so it is sensible to be wary. Is free lotto really “free”?

The short answer is “no”; you will have to give the operator something in return, even if it is your contact details, or your attention to an advert. But that doesn’t mean that any site offering “free lotto” is lying; it is even an option available from time to time on lottery sites that fans pay to play at. The key is distinguishing the genuine offers from the fake ones. Basically, there are three categories of “free lotto” options:

Yes, Free Lotto Can Be Legitimate

Genuine free lotto games that offer decent customer service and deliver players’ prizes do exist, although it isn’t always easy to find them amongst the dodgy operations discussed later. These sites make money by selling advertising space; the more popular the site is and the more hits it can attract, the greater the advertising revenue it can generate for its owners.

Genuine free lotto sites have a vested interest in delivering on their promises; customer satisfaction and a solid reputation result in repeated hits, which make them more attractive as advertising hosts. The other use of the phrase “free lotto” is found on for-money lottery sites; free lotto games will be included in promotional bonuses to encourage players to try a variety of lotteries. Because players are paying to play anyway, reputable sites are not reliant on advertising (or selling players’ information, as discussed below) for revenue, so these promotional offers are generally trustworthy

Spam and Other Hazards

There are, of course, dodgy operators who should be avoided. Sites that offer “free lotto” to get players to register with their email addresses and other details, which are then sold on to spam distributors, are a prime example. On these sites, the so-called “free lotto” is usually a choice of one sweepstakes game, and punters who sign up will be inundated with spam. In other cases, they will need to click through to a sponsor’s site, and watch the full site download, before they can be entered in the sweepstake.

The fine print is also a weapon these sites use; having “played” and “won”, players may find there are extremely restrictive conditions under which they can collect prizes, such as visiting the site at least once a day to remain eligible. Customer service is non-existent, and players never have their complaints addressed. Some sites do not even indicate where they are based, so taking legal action becomes almost impossible. Luckily, many online reviews exist to expose fraudulent “free lotto” sites, so players can identify and avoid the shady operators. Remember: if you’re not paying for it, you are probably the real product on sale…