Clout Archery

All About Betting On Clout Archery

Clout archery is a form of competitive archery shooting, notable for requiring that contestants shoot arrows over a very long distance. Contestants shoot arrows at a flag pegged into the ground, referred to as a clout, with points awarded based on how close the arrow lands. Naturally, the closer to the clout the arrow is, the more points the contestant gets. A radius is marked around the clout, similar to a dartboard bull’s-eye system.

One of the more interesting aspects of clout archery is that the majority of archery contests require accurate shooting a target at a low angle, such as at a wooden target. This requires that the archer have the bow level with their eye, for accuracy at short distances. In clout archery the archer points the arrow at an upwards angle, which has the arrow fall to its intended target, as apposed to flying directly to it. It is for this reason, among others, that clout archery is seen as a specialised for of arrow shooting.

Clout Archery Betting

Betting on clout archery is common, and said to be one of the most unique and interesting forms of the best online betting. This is because it is not only possible to bet on which archer will be the winner, but also the distance that arrows will land to the clout. Many online bookmakers offer substantial payouts for a prediction that is within a certain distance from the actual arrow distance. Those familiar with clout archery, and the rules of the game, stand to make a good deal of money when betting.

Note that clout archery is considered to be a niche sport, and some online bookmakers may not offer betting options. If you find that your favourite online bookmaker does not offer betting options for clout archery, simply request that betting options be added, or look around at other online bookmakers. Be sure to keep in mind that clout archery tournaments only happen at certain dedicated times, and may be watched at online bookmakers who provide live feeds of sporting events. It is a great idea to watch clout archery and learn the rules before placing any official bets.


Clout archery was originally used in medieval times as a way to train longbow archers. It was common for archers in training to shoot at a target some distance away, with the object to get as close as possible. Medieval trainers would offer incentive by promising that the best archers receive a prize, generally in the form of extra rations, or sometimes an alcoholic beverage. As time went by clout archery became a sport that was no longer related to military training.

Today clout archery is simply an entertaining game of skill, with many dedicated fans around the world, but especially in Europe. Modern clout archers will spend a great deal of money purchasing and maintaining bows, and enormous quantities of time fine tuning their skills. Some clout archers can shoot accurately up to distances of 180 meters, and come within just a few inches of the clout.