Burrandowan Cup

Burrandowan Races Known as the Picnic Races

The Burrandowan race meeting was established in 1922, on the bush race track situated about 60 kilometres west of Kingaroy. Originally the races were horses fed solely on grass and used for stock work, and to ensure this was done, the horses were put into a paddock a month prior to the races, and subject to strict supervision.

The future of Burrandowan Cup races was under threat a few years ago, when funding from Racing Queensland was lost, but the Burrandowan funded the race meeting themselves for seven years. Funding has now been pledged again, and the iconic bush races are assured of a bright future. The Burrandowan Cup is one of the few remaining true bush races left, with the barbecue and dancing after the races adding to the list of events visitors to Australia should do.

The legendary Picnic races form part of the Queensland racing Winter Carnival, and the race day in May is a day to be spent and enjoyed at the track with a hamper of food that is eaten in the company of other picnickers. There is also a sumptuous High Tea arranged in the historic hall. Despite the sandy track being pretty far from any town, and there being no mobile phone reception at the track, people did not let that prevent them from enjoying the exciting day out.

Burrandowan Race Track is a leisurely three or four hour drive from Brisbane, and is situated north of Toowoomba not far from the town of Kingaroy in south east Queensland. The Burrandowan, Bujrrandowan Cup race is 1200 metres long and the prize money is 8000 dollars, and each year is attracting more and more entrants, and the number of spectators has reached 1,500. The complete race program has been extended to seven horse races to be run over the two day event.

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