Blackjack history

The History of the Game of Blackjack

Blackjack history is obscure, and the details of its exact origins are still a bone of contention among researchers. To date there is no total consensus, although the majority have the game debuting in French casinos in around the year 1700, as Vingt-et-Un, a French phrase which means 21. It is popularly believed to have been derived from two French card games popular at that time, French ferme and Chemin de Fer. Another game that may have influenced the formation of blackjack was widespread in Spain at the time, called one and thirty. The basic rule for this was that players needed to reach a point total of 31 with a three-card minimum.

Some researches insist that blackjack history begins with the Romans, with wooden blocks given different numerical values. How popular gambling was with the Romans supports this supposition, but it is by no means confirmed.

The Spread of Blackjack Worldwide

Blackjack history tells us that the game continued to become more and more popular with card players in France, and eventually spread to North America when the French began colonising the area, where it quickly took hold and spread across the country. In the earlier versions of blackjack only the dealer was allowed to double, and betting rounds happened after each of the playing cards were dealt.

Blackjack history has the peak of the version of the game called 21 occurring in Nevada, where gambling was legalised. In an attempt to draw more people to the game, some of the casinos made a special bet available; a hand which featured either one of the black jacks, either spades or clubs, along with the Ace of Spades would payout ten to one odds. This payout was eventually discontinued, but the name blackjack has remained in use since then.

The Continuing Evolvement of the Game

Blackjack history is constantly changing, with the game evolving since its initial debut over 300 years ago, and the current popularity of internet gambling plays a large part in this. There are several versions of the game that particular casinos have developed, and for this reason it is always recommended that players double-check the rules governing any particular place to play’s blackjack game in order to ensure they are aware of any changes to the basic structure of them.

The most innovative concept for the game currently available on the World Wide Web is undoubtedly the live games that feature real dealers for players, made possible by video streaming. Live blackjack is definitely the most sophisticated way to enjoy this game in the comfort of your own home, removing the need for players to make the trek to a brick and mortar place to play every time they wish to enjoy a game. Many different platforms are supported for online blackjack players to take advantage of, and play is possible by means of desktop computers; laptops; certain smartphones and tablets. All that is required to enjoy a safe, secure, real money game is a steady internet connection.